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Child Support and Alimony

Child Support can be a highly contested subject between parents during a difficult time and the team at Karpenski & Schmelkin, is available to explain how Massachusetts law determines child support and to work with you to ensure your child(ren) will be financially supported.

Typically, the non-custodial parent pays child support to the custodial parent. The law provides that both parents are responsible for providing financial support to their child(ren).

Several factors are taken into consideration by the court when calculating child support. These include each parent’s gross weekly income, the costs of child care and the cost of health insurance. A parent with a high income may be required by the court to pay a proportionally higher amount of child support. The final amount of child support is decided after the needs of the child and the parents’ income are thoroughly accessed by the court using the Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines.

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Child Support is not always as straightforward as you would think. The team at Karpenski & Schmelkin has years of experience in family law and helping clients resolve child support issues, no matter how complicated they may seem. During this emotionally charged time, you need a law firm that has experience handling child support issues, that has your best interests at the forefront and treats you as an individual.

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