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Our team at Karpenski & Schmelkin, Divorce and Family Law Attorneys is sensitive to the needs of clients going through a divorce. We specialize in all aspects of a divorce from child custody to property division to the impact of a prenuptial agreement on a divorce and believe in not adding any more stress to an already emotionally challenging period in your life. We’ll work with you to protect your interests and provide you with your options.

A divorce presents many complex issues such as how decisions regarding the parties’ children are to be decided, where the parties’ children are going to reside, when each party has parenting time with his/her child(ren), what if any support is going to be paid for the other spouse and/or child(ren), how assets (real estate, vehicles, bank accounts, retirement assets, trusts, etc…) are to be divided up and how debt is going to be divided up (credit cards, student loans, mortgage, taxes, etc…). We’ll strategize a plan of action that best fits your case on these issues, as applicable.

Divorce Services

Once your divorce is final there are still needs that may require attending to, such as updating wills and healthcare proxies. You may need to name new beneficiaries for a trust or insurance policies.  The team at Karpenski & Schmelkin will assist you with all of this and more, giving you the confidence to move forward after your marriage ends.

Divorce is not always as straightforward as you would think. The team at Karpenski & Schmelkin has years of experience in divorce, no matter how complicated the issues may seem. During the emotionally charged time that divorce brings, you need a law firm that has experience handling complex divorce issues, that has your best interests at the forefront and treats you as an individual.

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