Visitation & Co-Parenting

When parents go through a divorce, it affects the children as well. Even a relatively civil and amicable divorce will directly impact everyone involved. Once the divorce is final, the hope is that the parents and children will settle into their new lives with as little ongoing drama as possible. When one parent starts a […]

Grandparent Rights in Massachusetts Grandparent visitation issues arise when one or both parents and the grandparent(s) do not agree on the amount of contact, if any, between the grandparent and grandchild. A parent’s decision whether or not to allow visitation between a grandparent and a grandchild is a parental decision that is presumed valid and […]

Most often parenting schedules are established when both parties are living in the same state. But what happens when one parent has to move out of state? Modifying a parenting schedule is challenging when two parties can’t agree on the terms. Trying to work this out on your own is a great first step, as […]

Your divorce decree may include child custody, visitation, spousal, or child support orders. Intentionally refusing to comply with one or more of these orders is an act of contempt of court. One way to enforce a court order after a violation has occurred is by filing a complaint for contempt asking the court to enforce […]

As you try to manage your visitation schedule during the havoc caused by COVID-19, it’s important to put the needs of your children first. If it has been hard to co-parent with your ex before the pandemic, it’s going to be even harder when you are stressed and uncertain about the future. Take the time […]