In a landmark decision, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court in Cavanagh v. Cavanagh issued several new rulings on the treatment of alimony and child support in divorce, which have changed the way Probate and Family Court judges and attorneys address these issues. Pre-Cavanagh, courts typically only ordered a spouse to pay alimony and child support […]

After a married couple makes the difficult decision to end the marriage, the next step is to legally dissolve the marriage by filing for divorce. One of the decisions the Petitioner (spouse filing the divorce) must make before initiating the divorce process is the grounds to be used when requesting the divorce. Although some states […]

Getting through the process of divorce can be difficult even when the parties remain amicable. Ideally, however, a divorce ends in the parties reaching a settlement agreement that resolves all issues in the divorce. What happens though if you want to modify something in that settlement agreement after the fact? Understanding what circumstances might allow […]

How Are Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements Different?   Marriage is usually contemplated and entered into because the parties are in love and plan to spend their lives together. The reality, however, is that almost half of all first marriages and significantly more second and subsequent marriages end in divorce. In addition, the age at which […]

When parents go through a divorce, it affects the children as well. Even a relatively civil and amicable divorce will directly impact everyone involved. Once the divorce is final, the hope is that the parents and children will settle into their new lives with as little ongoing drama as possible. When one parent starts a […]

Going through the legal process of divorce is rarely easy. When a minor child is involved, the likelihood of a divorce becoming contentious increases significantly when the parents do not agree on the issue of custody. What about the child’s wishes? Does the child have a voice when the parents cannot agree on custody? In […]

When the parents of a child decide to end their marriage, the law imposes a continuing obligation on both parents to financially support the child until he/she reaches adulthood. Because divorce often results in a significant change in financial status for both party’s post-divorce, the law also allows one party to request alimony from the […]

When parents are divorcing, one of the most sensitive issues to be resolved is that of custody of the child or children of the marriage. This dynamic plays out in nearly every divorce and can cause significant problems that often last well after the divorce becomes final. Unmarried parents who have children go through different […]

Your divorce decree may include child custody, visitation, spousal, or child support orders. Intentionally refusing to comply with one or more of these orders is an act of contempt of court. One way to enforce a court order after a violation has occurred is by filing a complaint for contempt asking the court to enforce […]

If you have decided that it’s time to file for a divorce in Massachusetts, but you fear for your safety, it’s time to get the help you need. Filing for a divorce can trigger a domestic violence abuser, causing danger to you and your children. You can file for a 209A restraining order first, before […]