Child Custody

Adoption Law in Massachusetts

Adopting a child is a wonderful experience.  Adoption is however a complex process and you must follow the laws exactly.    If you are located in the state of Massachusetts and are looking to adopt, you not only need to know the laws, but you should also have legal representation to guide you through the process. […]

When a couple who has children decides to separate, ideally they can come to a custody and visitation arrangement with the help of legal counsel. However, if they aren’t able to come to an agreement, custody will be decided by the court. Many times, in high conflict custody cases, the judge will benefit from having […]

Coming to a child custody agreement can be difficult, no matter what the circumstances are. A child custody arrangement can be further complicated when one of the parents wants to relocate out of the state or country with a child who is the subject of a custody or visitation order in Massachusetts. Before the parent […]