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In Massachusetts divorce or child custody cases, a party may ask the Court to appoint a Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) to investigate, make recommendations and offer solutions that would be in the “best interests of a child(ren)” regarding custody, parenting plans, and relocation of the minor child(ren). The Guardian Ad Litem’s Investigation A Guardian Ad […]

Either party, or both parties, can request that the Court issue an alimony order as part of the terms of the Judgment of Divorce. Alimony is defined as support payments from a spouse who has an ability to pay to a spouse who is in need of support. This is the second part in a […]

Divorce can be hard on families with children, and one of the biggest issues that may arise is how to share parenting expenses. In general, child support covers the child’s food, clothing and shelter. However, the division of financial responsibilities can take a more difficult turn when extracurricular activities are considered, such as sports and […]

Divorce and Your Child’s Schooling

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Many issues arise during a divorce. The most important issues involve your child or children.  Some of the most common issues include custody of the child, financial arrangements such as child support and alimony, and dividing property. One important decision that is often forgotten until the last minute involves your child’s education. Decisions on the […]

Understanding Postnuptial Agreements

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Understanding Postnuptial Agreements Post-nuptial agreements are contracts entered into after marriage by couples to create a clear understanding of the management and control of their finances and assets to create a happier marriage. Spouses cannot, however, create a post-nuptial agreement as part of divorce planning or in the anticipation of divorce. Post-nuptial agreements are meant […]

Adoption Law in Massachusetts

Adopting a child is a wonderful experience.  Adoption is, however, a complex process and you must follow the laws exactly.    If you are located in the state of Massachusetts and are looking to adopt, you not only need to know the laws, but you should also have legal representation to guide you through the process. […]

When a couple who has children separates, ideally, the parties can agree on a parenting schedule that is the best interest of the children. However, sometimes, one party does not allow the other party to have parenting time with the children. The course of action for the party who is not being allowed to have […]

Dissipation of the Marital Estate

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The division of the marital estate is one of the corner stone issues in a divorce action. When the parties have been honest with one another about what assets each party has, the conversation then leads into how to divide up the marital estate. However, many times, one or both parties have engaged in financial […]

When the Court enters a Judgment of Divorce Nisi, in many cases, the litigation is not over. The Judgment of Divorce Nisi (and Temporary Orders) provide the rights and obligations of the parties. A common issue, in many cases, is enforcement of those rights and obligations. The Massachusetts Probate and Family Court has the authority […]

When parents are divorcing, child support and alimony are often at the forefront of the discussions. While it is true that current income is a factor that can determine alimony and child support, current income isn’t the only determining factor. Imputation of Income or Attribution of Income may enter into the discussions. Here’s some information […]